We create with our own hands

Coordination takes place after appropriate planning and calculations, including computerized spatial drawings as well as individual manufacturing processes. These so-called pre-processes often last for several days.

We carry out our projects so that we choose the right raw wood material from our suppliers, personally. The choice of material is very important because each type of wood has a specific drawing, ie. finding a distinctive look is typical and typical of style. Raw material processing, sizing and all initial operations are challenging, hand-made processes. In the next phase, the smaller jobs are also done manually. After manual processes, it is necessary to use semi-automatic and computer-controlled machines to achieve maximum accuracy, eg for joints.

After the crude production, all the components of the product are surface treated, the product is dipped after hand sanding or is hand painted. This process is followed by multiple grindings of the parts, the final surface coating provides a suitable protective layer and ligation for the furniture. If desired, this process can be extended by patination, this layer being applied manually to the material to progressively with the unique technology, to achieve a suitable appearance. Drying is followed by assembly of furniture parts, improvement and then packaging.


Style Individual

Individual production makes it possible to specify individual sizes as well as the way to customize individual shapes. Wood and textile materials, hardware, paints, pickles and patinas are used that are available on the market today.

In Style furniture, we know how to appreciate the forgotten charm and exceptional features of beechwood. However, it is not just about that, wood has to be handled well too. Style furniture has a soul. The hard work of the hands reaps their harvest.

— doc. PhDr František Okruhlica, PhD.

Extraordinary look and emphasis on quality. Finally, someone who has shifted the traditional old masters´s carpentry up to higher level. Simply magnificent.

— Ing. Süliová Orsolya

Style furniture profesionally recreates author´s ideas into specific and valuable product. Accent focused on detail and work with precise finish. Nothing equals to the smell of wood, however today we must be eco friendly and contribute to nature´s protection. All these things can be expected from Style team.

— Mgr. Art. Dušan Amrich