Style Individual

The first stage of the production is to agree on the idea and design, which, with the help/service of our colleagues, we provide in a pleasant environment of our showroom. Space dimensions, solving the issues with dimensions, design and aesthetics and practicality are both clarified. The next step is to select the wood materials and decorating elements. Supplements play an important role in design, such as various textile materials and leather samples, which our colleagues have rich supplies of. In our repertoire you will also find accessories. If the furniture’s aesthetics make it possible, another important task is to select the colour, pickling wood or patina. Selected furniture can be matte, silk or high gloss. Upon your request, our qualified staff will provide you with an excellent service at your place of residence, furthermore, there is also the option of ordering 3D photo realization.

Technically, this process is an important factor that helps us analyze the product for processing. The furniture elements produced are subjected to a surface treatment in their raw state. Working procedures such as pickling, grinding, painting, patinating are an important part of creating a perfect design. After the lacquer has dried, the furniture pieces are folded, improved and then wrapped.

All you have to do is dream, and we will change your dreams into reality …

In Style furniture, we know how to appreciate the forgotten charm and exceptional features of beechwood. However, it is not just about that, wood has to be handled well too. Style furniture has a soul. The hard work of the hands reaps their harvest.

— doc. PhDr František Okruhlica, PhD.

Extraordinary look and emphasis on quality. Finally, someone who has shifted the traditional old masters´s carpentry up to higher level. Simply magnificent.

— Ing. Süliová Orsolya

Style furniture profesionally recreates author´s ideas into specific and valuable product. Accent focused on detail and work with precise finish. Nothing equals to the smell of wood, however today we must be eco friendly and contribute to nature´s protection. All these things can be expected from Style team.

— Mgr. Art. Dušan Amrich

We create with our own hands

All our products are traditionally hand-made. An important factor in achieving quality is accurate machining, for which we use state-of-the-art semi-automatic and computer-controlled machines, so we can combine the legacy of the past with the quality of the 21st century.