Family business history

My first memory to do with craft is tied to my grandfather, who worked as a carpenter in the 1930s. His name was Rudolf Végh (1903-1979), and at the back of his parent’s house he had a small workshop where he later trained my father where he passed on his skills and knowledge. All four children of Rudolf Végh, as well as their descendants, were trained as carpenters and remained faithful to this profession.

My father, Anton Jerabek (1926-2001), learned carpentry from my grandfather, who was otherwise trained as a colleague. He worked in a workshop as a carpenter, where he produced and repaired coaches, carriage hips and carriage wheels. At that time, in addition to wheelers, very few people understood the art of turning.

At my father’s workplace, there was one lathe he worked with. It was a simple handheld electric machine. Later, when the collegiate production was already in decline, he began to devote himself to joinery work.

He produced windows and doorframes but mainly dedicated his time to the production of staircases and railings, where he used his knowledge of turning.

I, Anton Jerabek, was born in 1962 and got my name from my father.

I started to acquire my first memories and experience with carpentry when I received a small lathe as a gift from my parents, from then I started making small vases. My lathe was in a 2.5 x 3-meter workshop that belonged to my father. This workshop was my father’s first workshop, where he done carpentry work beside his job. Later, when my father built a second, bigger house, he made a new, bigger workshop under and at the back of his house for himself, me and my brother, who also dedicated his life to this craft. I grew up at a time when craft was passed down from father to son, not because of duty, but because we felt it within and wanted it.

I enjoyed joinery very much and after graduating from art school I could choose between continuing my studies in art, like my son did later on or becoming a carpenter. I decided to listen to my heart and chose carpentry. I decided to incorporate the acquired artistic talents into the joiner's work. My perseverance and talent beared fruit and elevated the work to a higher level. In 1977 I started to attend a secondary school of woodworking in Topoľčany. At that time, one of the largest furniture manufacturers - Mier Topoľčany - was equipped with state-of-the-art machines. The school was run by the company itself. In one place was a factory, a school and a boarding house. I remember that in the second year, the teacher chose me to lead an inlay ring after he left school. I finally led this ring for a year. During the ring we managed to win 1st place in the Czechoslovak competition with 2x 3 meter inlay with a communist theme.

The intarsia itself interested me from elementary school and I also devoted myself to it in my final work at an art school.

For a carpenter, I was taught by the famous Západoslovenské Nábytkarské závody company, based in Bratislava, and after graduating from the woodworking secondary school, I worked for 3 years in this company. Later, after a change of regime, several dealers asked me to cooperate in the production of furniture and its delivery to their stores, but with a partner I married in 1987, we decided to start our own business, as we had common dreams, goals and visions in within the framework of artistic furniture production. In 1988, I acquired a trade as an art carpenter, my partner in 1996 opened the first furniture showroom and in 1997 we jointly established the company Style furniture s.r.o. At our first international exhibition in Nitra we mainly offered dining tables, coffee tables and individual works and our products were very successful.

At present, we produce our products with a unique design of 500 m2 in accordance with traditional practices and of the highest quality. The idea of ​​a generation-on-generation family business is very important to us, and in this spirit, I would like to pass on my knowledge to my son just like my father did to me. My son Antal, graduated from a basic art school, later went on to a secondary art school with a focus on industrial design, and after graduating from graphic design at the university he strengthened our family team and the unity of our company.

In Style furniture, we know how to appreciate the forgotten charm and exceptional features of beechwood. However, it is not just about that, wood has to be handled well too. Style furniture has a soul. The hard work of the hands reaps their harvest.

— doc. PhDr František Okruhlica, PhD.

Extraordinary look and emphasis on quality. Finally, someone who has shifted the traditional old masters´s carpentry up to higher level. Simply magnificent.

— Ing. Süliová Orsolya

Style furniture profesionally recreates author´s ideas into specific and valuable product. Accent focused on detail and work with precise finish. Nothing equals to the smell of wood, however today we must be eco friendly and contribute to nature´s protection. All these things can be expected from Style team.

— Mgr. Art. Dušan Amrich